We, at 4th Wall Productions, are a team of highly creative individuals dedicated to providing our clients with quality event coverage.  Seamlessly integrating art with technology, we produce videos that invoke emotion and allow the audience to relive the event with every viewing.  Our goal is to envision the audience and their reactions as we journey through each production.  It’s in this process that we, ourselves, become the fourth wall.


The 4th Wall is a term readily used in film and theatre referring to the audience.  We, at 4th Wall Productions, believe it’s all about the audience and the viewers of the videos we produce.


Our team is comprised of highly skilled and creative cameramen and editors with film and theatre backgrounds allowing us the flexibility to capture your once in a lifetime event in its true form. Each of my camera operators employ cinematography techniques with the aid of some professional equipment such as, camera sliders, steadicams and camera cranes to give your videos a high production value.


Despite all of the professional equipment, we try to stay as low profile as possible to ensure that we capture each event’s true personality.  Some people are camera shy while others ham it up, which is why we firmly believe that our presence should be as minimal as possible.  We don’t create memories, we just allow you to relive them.  We also believe that telling the story through editing and paying great attention to detail, ensures the quality you desire.


  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • baptisms
  • anniversaries
  • corporate – instructional
  • corporate – outings
  • corporate – gatherings
  • award ceremonies
  • commercials
  • promotional material
  • life celebrations
  • family histories
  • reels (actors, athletes, etc)
  • music videos
  • narrative film


These are just some of the services we offer and in no way limited to just those services listed.  We are a creative company, wanting and willing to work with each client’s specific needs.  If you have an idea for a video project you want to put together, let us know and we would be happy to help you accomplish your goal.


We utilize Apple’s current multiprocessor Mac platform with state of the art HD cameras coupled with industry standard editing programs including Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Premier Pro, Encore, and ProTools.  We also use Shake, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects for some of the compositing and special effects, which we sometimes integrate with Lightwave 3D to ensure your project is delivered with the highest quality.

Everything we do is tailor made to each project, from the moment we start filming to the authoring of the DVD.  Our products are unique to each of our clients.

For a list of equipment we use please contact us.