Welcome to the 4th Wall Productions website. I would like to invite you to look around and check out our demo section. It will hopefully give you a sense of our camera work and editing style. We shoot in high definition only.

On location, our production team tries to stay out of site as much as possible allowing your event to take place unhindered, permitting us to capture each event’s individual personality.

In post-production we work closely with each of our clients, letting them be a part of the creative process if desired.


We, at 4th Wall Productions, are a team of highly creative individuals dedicated to providing our clients with quality event coverage. Seamlessly integrating art with technology, we produce videos that invoke emotion and allow the audience to relive the event with every viewing. Our goal is to envision the audience and their reactions as we journey through each production. It’s in this process that we, ourselves, become the fourth wall.